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All of the Debon range of box van trailers are braked models but there are a number of variations within the range itself. For example, the Cargo 1300, Roadster C300, Roadster C500 and Roadster C500XL models have the unique Pullman Suspension System. This system features coil springs and gas dampers which contribute to the overall quality of the trailer’s towing and handling abilities. In addition, the Pullman system also reduces the load height on the trailers.

All the box van trailers have galvanised steel chassis with extensive use of aluminium extrusions in the main framework.

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Whether it’s advice regarding the choice of trailer in the first place (I’ve bought two for completely different jobs), equipping the trailer with those ‘little extras’ that make it even more useful or subsequent back-up and servicing, I’ve found their products and service excellent and will be returning to get my trailers serviced as and when necessary 🙂 .

Martin Hall, Elmswell, Bury St Edmunds