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The top of the range ‘Cool-Plus’ trailer, premium model. Especially good for intensive use and the rental market. We are confident there is no better fridge trailer sold in the UK.

The ‘Cool-Lite’ has a bit less height and width, with a special lightweight construction. This allows for a heavier mobile payload and is easier to tow and manoeuvre.

Key differences beween ‘Cool-Plus’ and ‘Cool-Lite’.

The ‘Cool-Plus Trailer’ is our premium model, built for long service in intensive situations.


All ‘Cool-Plus’ fridge trailers have heavy-duty CIBIN coolers, and except for the 2.5m., are capable of chilling up to 20 cubic metres. Our popular 3m. model has 10 cu. m. capacity, so why? Temperature recovery.

Imagine a hot July day, and the trailer in a sunny spot and in constant use, and occasionally the door is left open. If you have an super-spec chiller, like ours, it will always cope, everything kept reliably cold (well within EHO regulation). Plus the floor is insulated and the side and top panels have a mega 65mm thickness.


The ‘Cool-Plus’ refrigerated trailer has four really solid, wind-down props, fixed on the crossbeams to support parked payloads up to a tonne, and for levelling on uneven ground.  You can even remove the wheels, and wind the trailer down to almost floor level for easy access. Door operation too, is with one large single-action handle, super-convenient. Insulated aluminium flooring and treadplate as standard. And a 5’ fluorescent internal light.

High-use, demanding caterers and rental operations (who can’t be sure how their kit will be treated) appreciate the build quality. We believe our ‘Cool-Plus Trailers’ are the best on the UK market, and a worthwhile investment. They last and last.

The ‘Cool-Lite’ trailer is lighter and super value-for-money. To be less expensive than the premium models, it has a lower spec on some items.


The ‘Cool-Lite’ fridge trailer is lighter, easier to manoeuvre and can with the same ‘Gross Weight’, take a higher maximum mobile payload. But less in a static position (see prop stand info).


CIBIN or GOVI. These are good cooling units but only rated for up to 10 cu. m. volume. So you must consider where the trailer is sited and how it is used, i.e. don’t leave the door open for long periods! The side and top panels are 45mm thick, as opposed to 65mm for the ‘Cool-Plus’.


There are two lightweight telescopic stands fixed to the body. These work well at keeping a trailer stable, but they can’t be used as major load-bearers. Depends on how much you need to load up when the trailer is in position. The door is secured by a s/s rotary bolt mechanism. Works fine but not as slick as the premium model. Non-slip flooring the same as the premium models, but no skirting board. Simple bulkhead light.

Owner-users, who look after their trailer, and know it will get looked after (i.e. not abused), will get long service and save cash with the  ‘Cool-Lite’.

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Whether it’s advice regarding the choice of trailer in the first place (I’ve bought two for completely different jobs), equipping the trailer with those ‘little extras’ that make it even more useful or subsequent back-up and servicing, I’ve found their products and service excellent and will be returning to get my trailers serviced as and when necessary 🙂 .

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